Beats, Bass, Bounce, Repeat

Video: Fjorden Baby! – Himmelen (Souldrop Remix)

Live at Kvarteret in Bergen, Norway

By:Larm Recap

We had so much fun playing By:Larm in Oslo this weekend it’s ridiculous! Unfortunately we were busy playing music during our shows, so we didn’t get to take any pictures. The good news is that we stole a bunch from the internets and posted them on our tumblr. Hope you don’t mind, anneirg,  Gaffa, Lars Olav Dybvig, @Bergenpuls, @JanErikStig and @VildeFS. […]

Voss Freefly Festival

This weekend we played at the wrap party for the Voss Freefly Festival, a gathering of the worlds best skydivers and base jumpers. They showed a video of their jumps during the festival.. Bananas. Here are some photos, and there are a lot more on our facebook page.    

  • (more photos on facebook / flickr)

    Souldrop is a three piece electronic act. In addition to making our own music, doing remixes and playing live, we also write and produce music for other artists.